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Honest. Relatable. Strategic. Unapologetically Ambitious. Jenuine Conversations is a coaching firm that works with women to help them create the tools to take the next leap in their career, despite how unknown it may be. Through my own experiences, I know that all great courses in life are not often charted or planned. We all have the ability to be architects of our own lives and careers. I’m here to help you create goals and an action plan that is true to who you are and where you want to go.



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Hi, I’m Jennifer.

Jennifer Thomas

Thank you for stopping by! Life throws quite a bit our way doesn’t it? Between our careers, relationships, friends and family (and those are just some basic elements), things can feel pretty chaotic. We keep telling ourselves that we’re “supposed” to be a certain way – balanced more than anything. But what does that really mean? It’s a tricky word – balance. We almost feel a sense of guilt when we can’t seem to find it. My goal is to help you find harmony and build a strategy. I work with women to teach them how to navigate their path, despite how unknown it may be, and help them understand that we are the architects of our life (not our parents, not social media). We all know our course in life is often not charted or planned. I’m here to help you develop the tools to navigate the imbalance and learn with the right motivation and alignment within, even the loudest outside voices can’t knock you off your path. There can truly be beauty within the chaos. I’ll meet you in the eye of the storm…



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