Hi! I’m Jennifer…

At some point in my childhood, someone told me that I could do whatever I set my mind to and I’ve been operating like that ever since. I believe in what’s possible because I believe we have it in us to make our life that way. And what’s possible is living out your wildest financial dreams. Why not?

I’m a born and bred LA native with a career deeply rooted in the hospitality and beverage business. When I shifted from working in restaurants to wine sales, I quickly found myself in a very competitive field. I hustled wine from restaurants to bars to retailers and heard “no” more times than “yes” on many days. It was once I learned all the inner workings of sales and built some tools for myself to achieve success, that I saw my numbers double and continue to grow. My persistence in the field turned into passion and my passion has helped me channel a solid six figure income and the desire to help others along the way.

I’m also a new wife, a stepmom, a baker (my cookies are no joke), believe that everyone should go to camp, a world traveler, a scotch aficionado (the ScotchSomm as people call me) and know that a walk on the beach can fix any bad day.

If you’re ready to live out your best life, let’s connect.

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